Jimmy Walker Picks Up An Unusual Endorsement
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/19/14
Usually when a professional tour player picks up an endorsement deal, it is for golf clubs, clothing, or equipment. At other times, he or she will endorse financial services or some other product commonly seen on commercials during golf telecasts.

Three-time PGA Tour winner (all this season!) Jimmy Walker just snared an endorsement deal with... Celestron Telescopes.

Last month, we told you about Walker's work as an astrophotographer. His photographs have been featured on NASA's prestigious Astronomy Photo of the Day blog and featured in a variety of astronomy and science periodicals. But now, the manufacturer of Walker's 14-inch scope is hoping to capitalize on his increasing fame and popularity in golf.

The deal was announced last week at the PGA Tour's annual Los Angeles stop at Riviera Country Club. The company even had a booth located on the 14th hole at Riviera for golf spectators to learn more about their products (and hopefully gain additional customers!). The company has even created a Jimmy Walker portal on their web site.

And as this writer opined back in October, Walker capturing three victories this season, getting invited to the Masters, vaulting up the OWGR, and now picking up a sweet telescope endorsement deal, for Jimmy Walker right now, life is...


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Image via Celestron

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mjaber says:
I thought it was going to be for a fireworks company...
legitimatebeef says:
At least it's a connection that makes some sense. For the last few days I've been trying to figure out why the Bose company would pay someone like Rory McIlroy big bucks to help sell their audio equipment, other than the fact that he is a rich guy.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Beef: It must be the "80 million Britney Spears fans can't be wrong" marketing mentality.
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