Still the 'Dead Ladies Society'?
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/25/14
Earlier today, we told you about changes to the qualifying criteria for the World Golf Hall of Fame.

But what has not changed are the stiff criteria for getting into the LPGA Hall of Fame. And although the requirements are stiffer, they used to be much, much worse.

Back in the February, 1998 issue of Golf Digest, Tom Callahan authored an excellent column called "The Dead Ladies Society." In that column, Callahan blasted the LPGA's draconian requirements for induction into their Hall of Fame, saying that most of the women who are eligible are already dead. He excoriated the LPGA for leaving out the magnificent Judy Rankin, then mocked the LPGA's criteria by using the case of Amy Alcott, who won 29 tournaments during her playing career, including five majors. But the requirement at that time was 30 total victories, so Callahan illustrated the absurd by playing along with the absurdity. Because Alcott only had 29 wins, she supposedly wasn't that great a player, after all.

Callahan's opinion piece evidently worked; the LPGA undertook some criteria changes the next year, giving Alcott her well-overdue place in the LPGA HOF. Judy Rankin was inducted in 2000 under the Veterans category.

Today, the LPGA HOF criteria is points-based, as follows:
  • A regular tournament victory is worth one point.

  • A major championship victory is worth two points.

  • A Rolex Player of the Year Award is worth one point.

  • A Vare Trophy is worth one point.
A player must have won at least one major championship, or a Rolex Player of the Year Award, or a Vare Trophy and have accumulated 27 points.

Under these criteria, Golf Channel's Randall Mell notes that Laura Davies, Meg Mallon, and Dottie Pepper are still short of the points requirement. However, they are apparently eligible for nomination in 2015, although Mell does not provide a specific explanation.

All told, only 25 women are in the LPGA Hall of Fame.


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bkuehn1952 says:
Having an exclusive H of F is not a bad thing. Meet the criteria and you are in. Come up a bit short and there is always the Veteran's Committee route based on one's overall résumé.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
All this will really matter when WWIII starts.
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