Hogan's 1953 Irons Up For Auction
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/28/14
The folks at Green Jacket Auctions of Denville, New Jersey have done it again. They took their name from having gotten ahold of Masters champion jackets previously owned by Art Wall and Horton Smith.

This time, they have gotten their collective hands on one of three sets of MacGregor irons that the legendary Ben Hogan used during the 1953 season. That year, of course, "The Hawk" won The Masters, the U.S. Open, and the Open Championship. The other two sets are in the hands of the USGA Museum in New Jersey and Merion Golf Club, outside Philadelphia.

The starting bid is a cool US $5,000; as of this writing, the current bid is $7,320. This pales in comparison to the $682,229 paid by the winning bidder for the Horton Smith green jacket, although bidding for the Hogan irons closes on April 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Based on information and explanations from experienced online auction-participants, this amount is likely to rise considerably as the auction deadline draws near.

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Image via Green Jacket Auctions

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jasonfish11 says:
Any word on specs (length, lie, loft, ect). I don't want to use clubs that don't fit me
joe jones says:
Whats with the lead tape on the back of the irons. I'm hard pressed to remember Hogan ever applying anything to his clubs. At his request McGregor or any other club maker would manufacture a set to Hogan's specs. All he had to do was ask.
DougE says:
Are you sure that's lead tape Joe? It might be, but the third club down on the left seems to show wear that would indicate the part that looks like it could be tape is actually part of the club design. I admit, I'm certainly no expert on 1950s clubs, so I'm just speculating based on how the backs of the clubs look in the picture. It's as if the plating has been coming off, maybe from bag chatter, and the raised section---the part that looks like it could be lead tape---gets more chafe from the clubs around it due to the fact that it is raised. Just wondering if that might be the case. What do you think?
mmontisano says:
I wonder if the person that actually buys them will try to take a few swings with them? I would, but maybe 4 swings max. then they go on permanent display.
joe jones says:
Doug. I'm not at all sure. If it's not lead tape they look like whoever had them dragged them behind a car. I certainly would like confirmation before I made a bid. Not that I would.I couldn't hit those old blades today if my life depended on it.
joe jones says:
Reading the details on the web site states that a considerable amount of lead tape had been added but really doesn't state who did it. ?????????
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