Paulina Gretzky Makes Golf Digest Cover
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/3/14
Very probably, everyone in the world of golf (fans, writers, players) knows that Paulina Gretzky (daughter of "The Great One") is not a particularly great or notable golfer. She doesn't teach, she doesn't host an event, nor is she any kind of recognized ambassador for the game. She is an average amateur golfer who happens to be engaged to PGA Tour star Dustin Johnson.

But that has not stopped the editors at Golf Digest from putting her on the cover of their May 2014 issue:

If you are so inclined, Golf Digest has more Paulina photos here. She may be pretty, but her flying right elbow is uglier than sin.

Remember, oobers, please keep your comments clean...

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Image via USA Today

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srogers13 says:
I wonder if she has tried Michelle Wie's putting stance?
jasonfish11 says:
I'm sure she has. May not have involved a putter though.
Donnyp0 says:
I'm pretty sure my wife already hates golf for the amount of time I spend away from home. Somebody please tell me, how is having this issue lying around going to help my case?
jasonfish11 says:
Lol my thought was "great can't wait till my wife pulls this out of the mail"
metnorm says:
Golf Digest is going to sell three times or more the amount they normally do this month.
Trip says:
The fact that she is on the cover is everything wrong with our society. As a Dad with two young girls, this actually aggravates me.
jfurr says:
Who cares. Its the fitness issue. Her mom was one of the co-founders of The (Body) FIRM aerobics video franchise (started back here in Columbia, btw).
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Everyone knows sex sells. I'm surprised they don't do this more often. But with better looking women.
brianmk24 says:
Her legs are barely wider than the shaft on the club in the picture.
Matt McGee says:
I must be getting old or something. That looks more like "starving" than it does "fitness" to me. Granted, it's shapely, well-posed starvation, but she looks like she needs a sandwich and a blanket more than she needs that golf club.
Torleif Sorenson says:
... and better judgement, too.
MikeyPingJ says:
Like I said, she's a butter face.
jordanss123 says:
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