Bubba's Caddie With *His* Trophy
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/15/14
Ted Scott looped for Masters champion Bubba Watson this past weekend. And while Scott did not get his own green jacket, we are certain that Watson will make sure that his caddie has a lucrative payday.

But Scott has something rather important he can show off as a trophy:

Nice work, Ted!

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joe jones says:
I believe that the going rate for a caddy is a weekly salary + a small expense account for gas and food + 5% of the winning purse for a major. Up to 10% for a non major. One year Tigers caddy Williams earned an estimated $ 1.4 million which placed him in 40th place on the tour if he had been a player.He beat out that years U.S.Open winner Angel Cabrerra by about $100,000. I don't think he cares whether he has a trophy or not.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Those are some trusting members at Augusta. Look at the size of those padlocks.
falcon50driver says:
Some of the members are lawyers, before that, there were no locks on the cabinets.
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