Is Golf Facing a 'Tiger Crash'?
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/22/14
Josh Sens of reports that according to one media services researcher, Tiger Woods's absence from golf this year might cost the golf industry as much as $15 billion.

Given the low television ratings for The Masters and a plunge in aftermarket prices for Masters badges, Sens interviewed Brad Adgate, senior VP and research director for Horizon Media in New York. Based on that conversation, Sens reports thusly:
[t]he 25-30 percent ratings drop we're accustomed to seeing at Tiger-free events threatens to translate into similar percentage losses across the board.

Adgate and other analysts say it's impossible to a put a precise price tag on Tiger’s absence. But if we do the math and arrive at a ballpark number in a golf industry valued at around $68.8 billion, it pencils out at roughly $15 billion. Gulp!

Not that we're sounding the drumbeat of doom. Golf has suffered downturns before, just as the Tour has survived the loss of its iconic figures: Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus, Norman. Tiger, of course, outweighs them all in his global impact.
What Sens does not take into account (in his article, anyway) is the fact that Tiger has come along in the Internet age. People all over the world now have more options and distractions available to them than ever before.

The bottom line is that golf needs Tiger Woods to heal completely, but perhaps we are approaching the point where golf sales and marketing professionals need to redouble their efforts toward outreach, especially toward kids. Otherwise, the economic "correction" we have been experiencing over the last five or six years will only worsen.

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Wes11point5 says:
Good, screw those secondary ticket outlets.....errrrrrr scalpers!
CeeBee says:
I'll say it again, Tiger's appearance at events runs the industry. Interests grew. Not now while he is out. The fascination of passing Jack is everything. As far as growing the game thru outreach and getting kids out there doesn't interest me at all. They just clog up the course. Especially twilight golf. I like to golf often and cheap.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
Masters Sunday was awesome. I enjoyed watching it. Tiger or no tiger, I will watch the majors. I liked everything about golf BEFORE I knew of Tiger.
Matt F says:
Now the industry will get a taste of what will happens when Woods finally disappears...and they SHOULD be better for it. But, I doubt if that will happen.
birdieXris says:
Sounds like they had a problem planning for the future when Tiger was playing well. Golfers should be able to come and go and have little impact on the game at large. What happened, was Tiger came along, purses and advertising exploded and everyone said "this will go on forever!!" Now everyone is scrambling to prepare for the inevitable correction before it happens. I don't mind golf without Tiger. I don't mind it with him either.
slimpks1850 says:
^^^ My thoughts buy I was to lazy to type 'em.
Too funny - what'd they think he was forever 25 or 30 years old?

What do you mean he's old and injured??? This doesn't make sense!
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