Trump Poised To Buy Turnberry
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/28/14

As reported by James Corrigan of The Telegraph, noted real estate developer Donald Trump is apparently set to purchase the Turnberry Resort on Scotland's South Ayrshire coast. And as controversial as Trump is in the minds of some people, this purchase should actually be less controversial, since he is purchasing the famous course and resort from the Dubai government's Leisurecorp subsidiary.

Corrigan reports that the purchase price is £35 million, which is considerably less than the £52 million Leisurecorp paid for it in 2008. The global financial downtown that began in 2008 has hit the emirate of Dubai rather hard.

Up until now, Mr. Trump's holdings have included 16 resorts, but none that have been on the men's major championship rota. Turnberry also happens to be the only one of the nine courses on the current Open Championship rota that is privately owned.

According to Corrigan, infrastructure problems and poor attendance are the reasons that the R&A did not hold the Open Champion there between 1994 and 2009, when Tom Watson almost captured his sixth Open.

Only a few real estate developers and business-owners involved in golf development seem capable of forcing improvements and turning a course into a sure-fire success. Donald Trump is clearly on the top page of that list.

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Image via Facebook, Turnberry Resort

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joe jones says:
Even tho I despise Trump, being a pragmatist says this may be the best solution to saving what is a world class resort and putting it back in play for the Open.
DougE says:
I don't particularly like him either, but I do believe he will make it great again. His ego will not allow him to fall short.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Trump has said that he won't change the course unless requested by the R&A. Smart.
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