Ben Hogan Golf Is Back!
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/7/14
Many of you know of our intrepid columnist, Terry Koehler — a.k.a. "The Wedge Guy." A few years back, he founded EIDOLON Brands, LLC, designers and manufacturers of the SCOR4161 line of short-game clubs and wedges. In his most recent column last Friday, Koehler hinted at "what could be one of the biggest stories in the golf industry."

He wasn't kidding.

The news is that the once-proud history of the Ben Hogan Golf Company will roar back into being — with Koehler running the show.

The company and clubs are planned for a return to the market in 2015. After previous ownership (and careless abandonment) by Top-Flite and Callaway Golf, the Ben Hogan brand was purchased by Perry Ellis International in 2012. The company announced on Tuesday that they have reached a licensing agreement with Koehler's EIDOLON Brands to design and reintroduce Ben Hogan golf clubs.

Of course, Koehler has already carved out an important place in the golf club industry with his SCOR4161 line of short-game clubs and wedges. What you might not already know is that, years ago, Koehler was actually an employee of the Ben Hogan Company. Now, he has begun forming a research and development team in Fort Worth, Texas — where Ben Hogan started the company back in 1954. In fact, Koehler has already moved his own EIDOLON Brands headquarters to Fort Worth from Victoria, Texas.

This is quite a professional coup for Koehler, but rather than celebrating the partnership, he is focusing on what lies ahead:
"We are studying all the things Mr. Hogan believed about golf clubs, and dissecting early Ben Hogan designs to understand his performance principles and knowledge of what a golf club should do. There was a wealth of genius in those early clubs. Our commitment to the Ben Hogan legacy is to ensure that every product delivers unmatched precision and dedication to the art of shotmaking, providing equipment that allows golfers of all abilities the opportunity to optimize their skills."
If anyone in the golf industry is capable not only of bringing back the Ben Hogan brand successfully, but designing new clubs that perform well and remain true to Mr. Hogan's classic designs, it is Terry Koehler.

For those of you (and us) with a serious case of "gear lust," there is no doubting that we cannot wait for the first product release in 2015.

For now, we're just happier than a cat at a fish market.

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legitimatebeef says:
Congratulations Wedgeguy. Ben Hogan might be the most prestigious name in all of golf. Now don't screw it up.
dottomm says:
I love my Scor4161 clubs. Can't wait to swing these new Hogans!
mmontisano says:
Congratulations Terry! Can't wait to see what you and your team come up with.
Bernie Duffer says:
Great news. I used Hogan clubs and was more than upset when they were discontinued. I had already discovered Perry Ellis purchased the Hogan brand and have checked what they were offering. I already have several dozen of the new Hogan golf balls. I'll be very interested in checking out the new Hogan clubs when they hit the market, but only if they offer left handed models.
jrbizzle says:
Wow. Major congratulations are in order. Well done, a Terry. Hearing the way you have talked about Mr. Hogan over the years, this is a great fit.
onedollarwed says:
Sounds great, now we can finally get a 7 iron that goes only 150 yds (sincerely), and bring back those oh-so-precise 150 bushes that could be anywhere from 125-160yds.
But seriously; sounds fantastic Terry... like Starbucks, er... Peets... er.. I mean so long to the "artisanal" golf clubs I've come to enjoy.
I'm immediately suggesting an authentic Hoganesque retro ad campaign, where sponsored golfers have to wear a proper golf hat, and have to wear their belts up above their belly buttons! You could get the younger guys to pull that off no problem!
Matt F says:
Great news Terry. Looking forward to seeing what you put out.
mjaber says:
I was wondering when Eidolon/SCOR would expand to producing full sets of clubs.

I wonder if they'll make a 48" driver... :)
jasonfish11 says:
So I assume given Terry's comments he isn't going to advertise based on length. So is your 6i going to be a real 6i or will it be a 4.5i like Taylor made makes?
GBogey says:
Maybe they should give it another try for putting lofts on the irons instead of numberings. My question is given Terry's love of blades, what forgiveness will they have and would I ever have a chance at using them.
Wes11point5 says:
Bring back the early 80 version of the Apex II irons and persimmon Apex woods.
DougE says:
I am very curious to hear the details of how this alliance/association will work between Hogan and SCOR. I think the best case, at least for SCOR would be to develop the 47-62* wedges for the Hogan line of clubs, the same way that Vokey does for Titleist, offering a large range of lofts/grinds. They would be "Hogan SCOR" wedges (like Titleist Vokey), but different from the wedges that may be included in a standard set of Hogans.

When you buy a set of Titleist irons you can get the PW and GW as part of the set if you want, or you may decide to buy only 3i-9i and use special grind Vokey wedges in 48*, 52*, 56*, 60*, or whatever lofts up to 64* in various bounces that work for you. Most Titleist iron players opt for Vokeys at the bottom end of their clubs due to all the customization and grind options. If SCOR and Hogan set up their sets with these options, I think SCOR irons/wedges will really have an opportunity to take off. This seems like it could be a huge win for SCOR. Hogan already is a known brand.
onedollarwed says:
In 20 years we'll just be using drivers and putters; everything else will disappear. Courses will simply be 1000yd-long corridors with acrylic walls, no OB. Hybrids and irons will be absorbed into the class of "Drivorns," A through G. H-N will be "Wutters," a wedge/putter combination. Both classes of clubs will be so hybridized and versatilized that you'll only need a couple of clubs. One could be called the muchy... er, the mushy. The other could be called the nibbler.. er, the nibbick!
Tazz says:
I still play Hogan clubs. Some of the finest ever made.

Congrats Terry and wishing you and this new venture much success!

Thank You for bringing back the Hogan brand!
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