Adam Scott Got Married - Three Weeks Ago
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/12/14
You're looking at Marie Kojzar, an architect from Sweden, who is now also known as Mrs. Adam Scott.

It was a surprise to virtually everyone else in the world; almost nobody knew that Adam Scott was getting married. In fact, his invitations for a "party" on April 17 in the Bahamas said nothing about a wedding. But this is nothing new, Scott does not even use Twitter and keeps an unusually low profile away from the course.

Nevertheless, on Thursday, April 17, the 2013 Masters champion married Kojzar, his long-time girlfriend. The ceremony took place at Scott's residence on that island commonwealth in the Atlantic with both Scott's and Kojzar's parents in attendance.

So, what's up with the post-wedding secrecy?
"We just wanted it to be a secret for the day, and then we haven't told anyone to keep it a secret since. But I think people didn't want to do the wrong thing by me. So I've got them right where I want them."
People at TPC Sawgrass noticed that Scott was not wearing a ring:
"We have rings, but I've never played with one, so I wasn't going to start this week. We'll see if it makes it to the course or not."
We didn't even know he was engaged; Scott answered that, as well:
"We just decided to get on with it. We've known each other long enough, let's go and jump right in the deep end. It was just our family and a few friends and obviously there are a lot of people we would have liked to have had there who weren't, but we decided to have a very low-key affair.

"It was more about not building it up into something too big that may have gotten out of hand. But it was a fun event for everyone who was there and hopefully we will have fun celebrating with other friends when we catch up with them."
Marie was not at the Players Championship this week, either:
"She's busy. She works hard, so she doesn't travel much."
And given that the wedding happened in the Bahamas...
"We figured we didn't need a honeymoon, our life is pretty much like a honeymoon all the time. So there were no real plans for any of that. We'll just keep on going."

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jpjeffery says:
Gawd bless 'em both, and thet's fer sure, and no mistake...

She's a beautiful looking woman.
falcon50driver says:
I like his way of thinking, I don't care for twitter either, and have always thought big weddings were a huge waste of time and money. Good for them.
Matt F says:
Congrats to them. Yes JP, she's very good looking, but not as much as my wife! :-)
legitimatebeef says:
These are scant details but it sounds like he married a cool chick--she works hard, has her own career and seemed perfectly okay to forgo a lavish wedding and honeymoon. Also it sounds like Adam is genuinely a low-key guy who doesn't care about fame or attention. Noice.
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