An 11-Year-Old Will Play In The U.S. Women's Open
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/20/14
Lucy Li is just 11 years old — and one month from now, she will play in the U.S. Women's Open at Pinehurst.

On Monday, May 19, the Redwood Shores, California resident became the youngest golfer ever to win a qualifier for the Women's Open, shooting 74-68 on the Old Course at Half Moon Bay Golf Links, outside San Francisco. Li finished seven strokes ahead of second-place qualifier Kathleen Scavo. In so doing, she eclipsed the age record set by a 12-year-old Lexi Thompson in 2007.

(In 1967, a ten-year-old Beverly Klass qualified for the Women's Open, in an era when the USGA did not hold qualifying events.)

This year has already been a good one for Li; last month at Augusta National, Li captured her division at the first-ever Drive, Chip & Putt contest. She also qualified for the match-play portion of the U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links Championship, although she lost in the first round.

(And now, we invite you to join us in a round of collective head-shaking.)

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birdieXris says:
This poor girl is going to get eaten alive by that course. I've got such a jumble of emotions. I'm happy for her and impressed that she qualified, but my gut is just churning knowing that as tough as the USGA sets up the opens, its' going to be doubly tough playing Pinehurst after the men's setup and destruction. Good on ya though.. I hope it works out.
legitimatebeef says:

YOU MUST BE AT LEAST THIS TALL ------------------->

legitimatebeef says:
I know of course that this kid qualified fair and square, but when I see this story it makes me wonder if the USGA needs to take a good hard look at its qualification process. Unless of course their intent is to attract this kind of human interest spectacle. I know people are going to smarm all over themselves with this story, but I don't really like it when a competitor who has no shot at winning becomes such a focal point of the event like that precocious little shit who played the Masters a couple years ago.
falcon50driver says:
How can someone who hasn't been alive as long as I've been playing golf be so much better than me .
jfurr says:
OK so an 11 year old will play in the US open but will an Oober play in the World Am?

Sorry to be a pain, and comment about a different subject, but its kinda uncool to offer a giveaway to the world am and then not update the readers and folks who have entered the contest with the results.
Matt F says:
@jfurr - don't hold your breath mate, Nathan obviously has better things to do.

As to the story, it's a joke. There should be some ruling that whoever it is must be at least 16...11 years old, there's no reason a 5th or 6th grader should be playing in a USGA Tournament.
Dusty23 says:
I know the men's Open has like a 2 handicap requirement, what does the womens require? I don't know something just doesn't seem right here
US Open Sectional Qualification Rules :
No age limit
4.4 Index or less
36 holes played in one day
Beat the best players in the Bay Area by 7, with a 68 in one round.
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