Free Golf For Kids In Omaha
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/21/14
Last week, the mayor of Nebraska's largest city announced a new program called the Junior Golf Club of Omaha. The concept is fairly simple: Kids ages 8-14 need only complete a 30-minute orientation clinic, and then they receive a Junior Player's Card good at all of Omaha's four 9-hole courses: Spring Lake, Steve Hogan, Warren Swigart, and Westwood Heights.

The eye-opening detail is that Westwood Heights will also provide clubs, balls, and tees. The orientation clinics will be held on June 7th, 8th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. Details are available on the Junior Golf Club of Omaha's web page.

We at oobgolf hope this program takes off in a big way.

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Image via City of Omaha

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joe jones says:
This is a start in the right direction. The future growth of golf is in the hands of course operators that allow our youth to use their facilities at little or no charge.On a open time basis it is a win, win situation. No additional costs to the operators in any way. Looking down a fairway at a young foursome carrying a bag and learning how to play is one of the most rewarding things in golf. I would also encourage the courses to hold senior- junior events. I have a wealth of knowledge that I would love to share with a youngster and I am sure I am not alone. When I lived in Vegas I gave both juniors and beginner women lessons for free. The teaching pro's welcomed my help. They had little time to teach beginners and they knew that I would turn my groups over to them when they understood some of the basics.I had seniors begging to be included when we had an event. They enjoyed the kids and welcomed the interaction. Without being preachy they would answer questions when asked. It's called teaching.
Matt McGee says:
I hope this idea spreads. My brother talks about playing when he was a kid in the early sixties, when it cost him sixty cents to play as much golf as he could. He and his friends would spend entire days on the course. He later carried a 2 handicap for a number of years, traveled and played on mini-tours, and played in at least one U.S. Open qualifier. The early opportunities he had made him into a lifelong golfer. He's 65 now, and can still shoot in the mid-70s.
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