A *Real* Long-Drive Contest
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/22/14

The LPGA really deserves credit for thinking outside the box. Since Airbus is the title sponsor of this week's LPGA event in Mobile, Alabama, what better place to have a long-drive competition than on an airport runway?

That's Mobile Downtown Airport, part of the larger Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley which, before 1969, was Brookley Air Force Base. On Thursday, 2013 Solheim Cup heroine Jodi Ewart Shadoff used the runway better than the other women, winning the competition with a 576-yard drive.

Clearly, LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan and his marketing people have become pretty savvy and detail-oriented — even down to the little things that stick in the memory of tournament attendees. Witness their choice for tee-box markers this week:

Pretty well-played. I just hope the airport staff did a FOD walk afterward.  :-P

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Image via Mobile Aeroplex

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srogers13 says:
I love that the girl who finished in second, forgot to bring her driver to a long drive contest. The driver she borrowed belonged to the winner.
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