Enhanced Status for Arnold and Jack's Tournaments
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/4/14

On Tuesday, June 3, the PGA Tour announced that two of its marquee events — the Arnold Palmer Invitational and the Memorial Tournament — will received enhanced status. Beginning next year, the winners of these two events will receive a three-year exemption from re-qualifying on the tour, instead of the usual two-year exemption. This brings Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus's events in line with the World Golf Championships and the season-ending Tour Championship. Winners of the four majors and the Players Championship earn a five-year exemption.

The explanation came from Andy Pazder, the PGA Tour's operations chief:
"This was more our desire to recognize two iconic figures who started and operate two world-class tournaments that, for decades, were lynch pins on our schedule. We wanted to make sure their place on the tour calendar, as far as being a high-caliber, world-class event, was secure for well into the future."
In his dispatch, the AP's Doug Ferguson notes that the Byron Nelson Championship in Dallas will not have the same enhanced status.

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Images via PGA Tour

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GolfSmith7 says:
That is a cool way to honor these two legends!
legitimatebeef says:
Some tournaments are bigger than others.
Dusty23 says:
It will be good if they are including the Nelson tournament as reported. The stars use to show up in reverance of Lord Byron but as soon as he passed it became a second tier event. I guess they are afraid that will happen with Arnie and Jack's tournaments too
joe jones says:
Wonderful. Anything that golf can do to honor both Jack and Arnold while they are still with us I am for.
falcon50driver says:
Amen Joe
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