34 Champions All In One Room
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/18/14

Front row, left to right: Murle Breer, Carol Mann, Hollis Stacy, Annika Sorenstam, Catherine Lacoste, Mary Mills.
Second row, left to right: Na Yeon Choi, Sandra Palmer, Sandra Haynie, So Yeon Ryu, Jerilyn Britz, Amy Alcott, Betsy King, Susie Maxwell Berning, Inbee Park, Donna Caponi, Cristie Kerr, Karrie Webb, Se Ri Pak, Alison Nicholas, Eun-Hee Ji.
Back row, left to right: Kathy (Baker) Guadagnino, Liselotte Neumann, Pat Bradley, Lauri Merten, Meg Mallon, Janet Anderson, Juli Inkster, Hilary Lunke, Paula Creamer, Birdie Kim, Jan Stephenson, Jane Geddes and Laura Davies.

Alright, so it isn't the annual Masters champions' dinner. But on Tuesday, the United States Golf Association gathered 34 past champions of the U.S. Women's Open for an excellent group photograph. It is entirely appropriate, since the second half of the men's and women's U.S. Open Championships begins Thursday morning on Pinehurst's #2 Course.

This is a beautiful picture. In fact, we wonder why this doesn't happen more often at the other majors.

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bkuehn1952 says:
I agree, the USGA should bring all the former champions together each year like the Masters. Pay respect to the past and all the people that preceded today's event.
legitimatebeef says:
No banquet? Gyp! Was there at least some cheese and crackers FFS?
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