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Lucky Guy Becomes Emergency Caddie
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/11/14
Jay Hatch coaches the girls' basketball team at Alleman Catholic High School in Rock Island, Illinois. But on Thursday, when PGA Tour caddie Scott Tway fell ill at the John Deere Classic, Hatch stepped up and told Brian Harman, "I can carry your bag if you don't need any help reading putts."

Coach Jay is apparently good at caddie-ing; Harman shot an opening-round 63 to tie for the lead.

Said Hatch afterward, "I always wanted to be inside the ropes to see what it looked like from there. You know that commercial where they say 'These guys are good'? They are way, way better than that."

Harmon said, "My man Jay came out and did a really good job. He was like a true pro out there." The pro vowed to send Hatch a check, but Coach Jay declined. If Harman goes on to win the tournament, though, the coach might not have a choice.

Well done, sir.

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Image via John Deere Classic

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Wish it were me. What an opportunity
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