No Player Betting At Open Championship
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/16/14

Golfers gambling — even on themselves — on the PGA Tour and the European Tour is prohibited. But at the Open Championship, golfers would bet on themselves at various gambling venues near the course — and it was not frowned upon by the R&A.

Until now.

The R&A's director of championships, Johnnie Cole-Hamilton said the same policy has been in place since 2011. But multiple players are reporting that the R&A are now asking them to sign these waivers.


R&A CEO Peter Dawson actually has the answer:
"I can say that this whole business of keeping sport clean in terms of betting is very high on the IOC's agenda at the moment, and something that we're following very closely, because it's just a killer to sport to think that any outcomes might have been predetermined. And I really don't think that's applying in golf. But we have to be vigilant."
The International Olympic Committee have brought golf back to the Summer Olympics for 2016 in Rio. And even though the IOC have cratered over the years, letting professionals compete in what was ostensibly supposed to be an amateur competition, they still obviously want to clamp down on anything with a financial stake.

That sort of integrity will be great, of course, if the organizers in Rio manage to ever get that golf course built.

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Image via Flickr, J.M. Rosenfeld

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