Nicklaus: Woods "Absolutely" Must Be At Ryder Cup
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/25/14
The Golden Bear wants a Tiger on the United States Ryder Cup team — and on Thursday, he ratcheted up the pressure on U.S. captain Tom Watson to choose Tiger Woods:
"I couldn't imagine [Woods] not being on a Ryder Cup team, unless he does absolutely nothing in recovering from his game between now and then.

"I don't care what he does between now and then. If Tiger wants to play, I would certainly choose him. My guess is that Tom feels pretty much the same way. Tom would certainly like to have Tiger on his team and I think anybody in their right mind, unless he just doesn't want to play or doesn't think he could play, would not choose him."
So said Jack Nicklaus during a conference call on Thursday.

Whether or not your first reaction is to agree, a point of comparison exists here: Michelle Wie was ranked 13th in the points competition for the 2013 U.S. Solheim Cup team, so captain Meg Mallon chose Wie with a wildcard selection. Wie was one of the few legitimate stars for Team USA and went 2-2 during the competion, which the Americans ultimately lost to Team Europe, 18-10.

Since then, Wie finished solo 2nd at this year's Dinah and won the U.S. Women's Open at Pinehurst last month.

For the record, Tiger's career Ryder Cup record is 13-14-2, winning 14 out of a possible 29 points. At the 2012 Ryder Cup in Chicago, Woods went 0-3-1 and Team USA lost to Team Europe, 14½ to 13½.

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iangroen says:
He did have an apparently poor showing if you just look at points but if you'll remember Stricker was absolutely useless in the team portion while Colsaerts played the round of his career (and only decent round of this event for him) against Woods. And he likely would've gotten another half point at least if his singles match actually mattered to the outcome.

You've all seen the ratings when Tiger isn't playing/ in contention, I think Watson is going to feel alot of pressure to put him on the team for that reason alone whether that's appropriate or not. If Rory winning can't move the needle for ratings golf still needs Tiger whether you're a hater and don't want to admit it or not.
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