Dustin Johnson Suspended For Cocaine Use: Report
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/1/14
Dustin Johnson's "personal challenges" are quite serious, indeed: According to an unnamed source who supplied information to Golf Magazine, the South Carolina-born golfer has been suspended by the PGA Tour after testing positive for cocaine.

The source says that Johnson has actually failed three drug tests: The first for marijuana in 2009, followed by two for cocaine — the first in 2012 and now this second episode.

We wish would could say that we are surprised by this development, but the fact is that rumors of cocaine use by Johnson have been spread not only on the web, but around the golf world in general over the last two years. Previously, Johnson reportedly had an injured back when he missed two months of the 2012 PGA Tour season. But the magazine's source says that Johnson was actually serving a suspension for the now-revealed first positive test for cocaine.

As for Johnson's "wild side" lifestyle, that too is worse than originally thought; Johnson is reported to have had what the magazine calls "a sexual indescretion with at least one wife of a PGA Tour player." Other reports elsewhere say that Johnson's actions "wrecked" one marriage.

It also turns out that Johnson's agent, Hambric Sports Management president David Winkle, has been lying and misleading golf reporters all along. Earlier this week, Winkle texted one reporter from Sports Illustrated working on the Johnson story, "don't believe everything you hear." Obviously, this is not the only time Mr. Winkle has lied to the press:

In that May 15, 2012 story for CBS Sports, Elling quoted the agent:
"Dustin is not serving a drug suspension," Winkle said evenly. "I will make it clear — he has been injured. He is playing golf again, he is very rusty but champing at the bit to get back out there.

"He just didn't feel like he was quite ready to play," Winkle said.
Winkle's corporate bio on the Hambric web site touts his "integrity and unyielding devotion" to his clients.  (Umm, not anymore!)  While a manager/agent lying for a drug-addicted client is not unprecedented, this will not reflect well on CEO Rocky Hambric and his company.

We do hope Johnson straightens out his life — but he will clearly also need to straighten out his lifestyle. In addition, the questions will also turn toward his wild-child fiancĂ©e, Paulina Gretzky. And surely the people at Golf Digest are now regretting their controversial cheesecake magazine cover even more than before.

The PGA Tour and commissioner Tim Finchem have come under fire for a long time for their policy of remaining silent on players suspensions. Yesterday, when the story of Johnson's "leave of absence" made the news, PGA Tour player Bob Estes made it known that he is tired of the status quo. Keep in mind, this was roughly 21 hours before news of Johnson's suspension broke:

Not surprisingly, PGA Tour Executive Vice President Ty Votaw has refused any further comment.

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Image via PGA Tour

[ comments ]
slimpks1850 says:
Um, wait a minute. Hasn't this story read the other story:

"I am taking a leave of absence from professional golf, effective immediately. I will use this time to seek professional help for personal challenges I have faced. By committing the time and resources necessary to improve my mental health, physical well-being and emotional foundation, I am confident that I will be better equipped to fulfill my potential and become a consistent champion. I respectfully ask my fans, well-wishers and the media for privacy as I embark upon this mission of self-improvement."
jasonfish11 says:
So who didn't know he was a coke head?
jasonfish11 says:

My comment still stands.
joe jones says:
Maybe it's a generational thing but I have a hard time understanding why super stars get caught up with this lifestyle. Great athletes have always had a feeling of being able to handle addiction of any kind. Making millions of dollars make them feel they are impervious to temptation. I isn't so and it never has been. I hope Dustin can face his demons and come back. If not it's just one more case of a star blowing a great career. Too bad.The sad part is there is no drug that can improve a putting stroke. They just give one the false belief that it can.
meatball413 says:
"cocaine's a helluva drug"
jasonfish11 says:
I would think cocaine would perpetuate the yipps.

Maybe rehab will help his short game? Or he comes back and averages 270 off the tee?
Wes11point5 says:
Dustin Johnson didn't put his feet on Eddie Murphy's couch.......................
Yeah, Dustin remebers putting his feet on Eddie Murphy's couch!
Kurt the Knife says:
Cocaine is God's way of saying "you have too much F***ing money".
srogers13 says:
To quote Robin Williams, "Cocaine, what a drug. Any drug that can make you paranoid and impotent is a drug for me."
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Rich kids do coke? Since when? Oh, thats right, since always. Especially when they have rail thin, scary looking famous peoples kids to try to get in bed.
joe jones says:
Now the tour says He wasn't suspended at all and certainly not for cocaine use.They say it was for personal reasons and a voluntary action on his part. Who's kidding who. Sounds like the tour has a full press public relations effort going on. For what purposes? The cat's already out of the bag.One of these days Finchem is going to tell the truth about situations that come up. Just look back at the V.J. Singh situation. It was a fiasco.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Joe is correct, IMHO. As tour player Bob Estes has said, it is time for Finchem and the Tour to acknowledge the fact that "no news is not good news."
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