Is Tiger At Valhalla?
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/6/14

UPDATED at 1:00 p.m. EDT

Less than an hour after the PGA of America issued a press release saying that Tiger Woods had arrived at Valhalla Golf Club for tomorrow's start of the PGA Championship, they have reportedly backtracked.

This writer's guess is that Woods has arrived in the Louisville area, but has not yet made his way to Valhalla. Probably, the gathered press, waiting with baited breath and slobbering all over themselves, will see him on the course sometime in mid-afternoon. To be honest, I will still be amazed if Tiger's back is actually strong enough to finish 18 holes on Thursday.

Stay tuned, oobers!

Original post at 12:30 p.m. EDT

Believe it or not, Tiger Woods arrived at Valhalla Country Club outside Louisville late this morning, in an obvious attempt to try to play the PGA Championship, which begins tomorrow morning.

As reported by Doug Ferguson, the intrepid lead golf writer for the Associated Press, the PGA of America released a statement saying that Woods was, indeed, on-site at Valhalla. The problem is that nobody, not even Woods himself, knows for sure that his lower back injury will simmer down enough to allow him to tee-off tomorrow morning.

Ferguson also helpfully notes that this represents the latest ever that Woods has arrived in advance of a major championship — and that Woods has not played Valhalla since he won the 2000 PGA Championship in a dramatic playoff over fellow California native Bob May. (Woods missed the 2008 Ryder Cup at Valhalla following reconstructive knee surgery.)

Tiger has an 8:35 a.m. EDT tee-time on the 10th tee Thursday morning with two other previous PGA Champions, Pádraig Harrington and Phil Mickelson.

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bkuehn1952 says:
I too await Tiger's decision with bated breath. Tournaments are so much more interesting to me when he is playing and in contention.
Trip says:
The longer Tiger plays without being in contention, the less I miss him. And he hasn't been a factor in some time. If he plays this tournament, and finishes, and especially is in contention, then I call bullshit on his injury.
falcon50driver says:
I called bs on the injury from the beginning. I've quit after 9 holes when I was all over the place.
I am not waiting with "baited", or with the more correct "bated', as Brian says, breath,
Duke of Hazards says:
He's currently playing a practice round. My prediction: He'll play, shoot a pretty decent first round, narrowly make the cut, and then wince and grimace his way to 46th place. He'll miss the Ryder cup and Fedex Cup, look great at his charity event in December at Isleworth and start coming back into form early next year on his way to the Master's, where he'll be in contention to thwart the Rory-slam in an epic swoosh-tastic duel for the ages. #justdoit
Sergioj says:
Tiger is full of s%#@ !! He was getting his ass kicked & playing like crap,
that's the real reason he quit, not his back.
Don't be surprised if he quits again if he plays like s... again.
Of course another back issue....
joe jones says:
Now that Tiger is playing again the Boo Birds will be out in full force. For whatever reason they hate him and that will never change, The reality is the tour and all of the players need him to return to form whether they like him or not. He puts money in everyones pockets and when he isn't playing the TV ratings are in the dumps. Even when he is not in contention the ratings suck.The sad part is that people can't find it in their hearts to just admire the talent, appreciate the flair that he plays with and realize that they probably will never see another like him.Stop and think. Even when he is injured he is all the media can talk about.He didn't create the buzz it's part of the publics feeling about him.
jpjeffery says:
I think the back injury is real, and - assuming that's true - he'd be a damn fool to try to play the US PGA.
Matt F says:
He irrelevant now that he can't compete...he needs to stay at home with his ho's.
meatball413 says:
Tiger's back hurting him is just like when I was in high school and used to tell my parents my stomach hurt or I had a bad headache to stay home from school. Everyone believes it but it can never be proven.
legitimatebeef says:
slimpks1850 says:
Who played round 1? Was that Tiger? Did he put his talent on display? Flair?
So many questions.
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