U.S. Ryder Cup Top 9
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/11/14

On Sunday evening, when Rory McIlroy's eight-pinch putt fell into the hole, clinching him the 2014 PGA Championship, the qualifying points for the United States Ryder Cup team were also finalized:

Nobody should be surprised to see Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Jim Furyk, Jimmy Walker, Matt Kuchar (injured back and all), Jordan Spieth, and Zach Johnson on the list. They have played solidly this season and it would have been a travesty if they had been left out of the top nine.


By virtue of his second-place finish at the PGA on Sunday, Phil Mickelson leaped into 5th place from 10th, saving captain Tom Watson the trouble of having to use a wildcard selection on him. This will be Lefty's tenth Ryder Cup appearance.

After wining the WGC-Cadillac at Trump-Doral, Patrick Reed had not turned in a high-profile performance. His T-59 at the PGA is consistent with his play over the last four months, but interestingly, he moved up from 8th into 7th place in the points standings.

Reed never played in the Walker Cup or Palmer Cup as an amateur or college player. Coupled with his status as a Ryder Cup rookie, Reed presents an interesting coaching challenge for captain Watson. It will be fascinating, indeed, to see how Reed handles the monumental pressure.

Next item on the agenda

On Sunday, August 31, following completion of the Italian Open, the points standings for Team Europe will be finalized. Then on Tuesday, September 2, both U.S. captain Tom Watson and Team Europe captain Paul McGinley will announce their three wildcard selections.

The wildcards

Oobers, here is where you pipe in. Which three would you choose for either or both teams — and why?

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iangroen says:
Dufner if healthy has to be there. One of the only guys that won a singles match under all the pressure of impending collapse when Europe stormed out of the gates.
I'd probably then pick Bradley cause I think him and Philly Mick would be a good team again.
Last pick I'd probably want to take Tiger if he's available. He's shit right now, there's no arguing that but if he's healthy I think he could do as well as any of those other options. A poorly performing Tiger is still going to make the Europeans think more than the other options, like Kirk, Todd etc. Failing him probably Ryan Moore.

If Kuchar and/or Dufner are not available it could be a bloodbath. It could be bad anyways, seems the Europeans are in good form whereas a bunch of the Americans qualified on the strength of early success without much to speak of since April (Watson, Reed, Walker, Johnson)
GBogey says:
This is one unintended consequence from the wrap around season that may really backfire on the PGA - guys making the team by playing hot the fall before.
joe jones says:
I can only hope that Tiger has an open and truthful discussion with Watson about his condition. At this stage of Tiger's career I don't think he wants to play so badly that he hurts the team and looks bad doing it.Watson may have a tendency to put him on the team but if Tiger says I'm not ready it will give Tom an opportunity to name someone else . The U.S squad already has a number of walking wounded and don't need another one.We have a number of young players that deserve a chance.
falcon50driver says:
What Joe?
joe jones says:
One can only hope. It's possible, maybe. We might be better off with Watson as a playing captain.
Virtuaframax says:
Dufner if not injured for sure
Bradley / Simpson
joe jones says:
Just announced. Tiger called Watson and the PGA and pulled himself off the team.Now it would be nice if he shows up to show his support. Quietly.Without fanfare.It would help the moral of the team and it would not rain on their parade if it was done with tact. Just a suggestion.
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