The Continuing Story of Christina Kim
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/13/14
H-T: Stina Sternberg

On Tuesday, LPGA tour star Christina Kim responded to the death of actor and comedian Robin Williams with this tweet:

If anyone in golf has the supreme right to post on the subject of Williams' death and the general subject of depression, it is Christina Kim.

Golf Digest columnist and noted instructor Stina Sternberg wrote a jaw-dropping article published in December of 2012 about Kim's battle with depression, triggered by a back injury and the resulting loss of distance with her clubs. Among the experts Steinberg cites and quotes in her article is clinical psychiatrist Dr. Michael Lardon, who has worked with six major champions in golf over his 21-year career in medicine and psychology.

As for her game, Christina Kim may be on an upsurge: She has two top-ten finishes this season, is currently ranked 13th in GIR, and is in the top 30 in scoring average and rounds under par. All of this beats her stats from 2012 and 2013.

And while Kim has not written on her blog since August 30, 2012, she has kept busy on Twitter. We refuse to criticize her for not writing on her blog lately, but we do hope she will resume her writing sometime. Christina Kim is obviously an intelligent, bright, and thoughtful golfer whose comments and musings are worth your time.

Furthermore, we hereby cast aside any "journalistic neutrality" here by saying that we would love to see Christina Kim smash her way back into the winner's circle. And if she is part of the U.S. Solheim Cup team at Sankt Leon-Rot and/or Des Moines G&CC, that's a bonus. Most of all, we simply want the continuing story of Christina Kim to continue.

Please take a few moments to read Sternberg's complete article.

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legitimatebeef says:
Sorry this outs me as a horrible person probably but that whole Christina Kim drama rings hollow. What is described in that "article" sounds like extreme disappointment and despair and frustration caused by a breakdown of her golf game, which is also her livelihood. There is nothing abnormal about this. In said "article" Christina's suicidal thoughts are exaggerated to the point of being painted as attempts. I find that despicable. I am no expert but all this is not what bipolar or manic depression are about. The feelins she describes from losing her game and being injured and losing her spot on the major tour, it's probably how most struggling pro's would react. Frankly she comes off as stupid and a drama queen. That a person like this is even given a platform to act all this out seriously gives me pause about even giving a shit about women's pro golf, or even any pro golf at all.
Tim Horan says:
We mortals also suffer these depths of despair - I broke my leg in seventeen places (twenty years ago) and the journey back to fitness was pock-marked with times when I was convinced that I would never walk again, then never work again, then never play golf again. I remember in the early days, still under the hospital physio breaking down and crying because I couldn't raise the weight on a quad bench. So I know how hard it can be but life goes on. You get to a point when you just have to work hard at it or give up.
jrbizzle says:
beef - not to be confrontational, but I agree with what you said here, " I am no expert..."

Not every depression case is bipolar or manic depressions. And as far as your thoughts that her struggles are the same as any other pro who has had bad on course records - you're wrong. Most players just get back on the course, and grind themselves until they figure it out. Tiger, Stenson, even Michelle Wie on the women's side have gone through short ot extended slupms without contemplating suicide. People who suffer from depression do not think like rational people. You can't just say "cheer up", or "you're still rich, don't worry". These people have different brain response to what you or I may commonly call "hurdles". They often see them as unscalable walls and hide their pain behind some terrible disguise of being okay. I don't think it's a coincidence that Kim is always joking around in the public eye, likely to hide a deeper pain.
jrbizzle says:
Or take Feherty for example - the guy seemed like the happiest clown on Earth but was basically trying to kill himself with alcohol and pills. At rock bottom he was drinking up to two bottles of Bushmills a day, and chasing Vicodin pills. It's a scary, scary road, and we shouldn't judge too harshly.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Tim, you never said anything previously about your injury. Utterly remarkable. It makes my recent history of being unable to play golf for $$$ and car reasons terribly small in comparison.

jrbizzle: Thanks for the perspective! Partly as a result of learning more about depression, I no longer wonder why some women in abusive relationships keep trying to hold their relationship/marriage together. And in more than a few cases, the guy in question either belongs in prison, or deserves to have his "family jewels" taken off with force.

Depression — situational or clinical — is *nothing* with which to be trifled, nor to be prejudged.
Tim Horan says:
@Torleif - A freak accident, my dog running at full tilt impacted the knee breaking femur, fibia and tibia and then 14 compression fractures across the knee surface. 4 months off work, 3 yrs of corrective surgery. You just never know what life has in store.
DougE says:
Sorry Beef. Gotta side with jrbizzle on this one. I usually get a kick out of your cynicism---my guess, a product of you living in NYC---but this time I think you are stepping a little over the line. Someone else's depression and its effect on them is not something that should be judged by anyone who doesn't know their whole story, from inside THEIR head...and who is a medically certified psychiatrist.

Don't hate on me Beef. You are still one of my favorites on this site. Just not this time. Peace out.
legitimatebeef says:
I agree with yous all in principle, I guess I always have just found that Christina Kim to be a dubious character.
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