John Daly To Close His Arkansas Course
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/19/14

Even the most famous golfers are not immune to a business setback or failure. Now, John Daly has sustained a setback: His home course in Arkansas, Lion's Den in Dardanelle, has closed.

Apparently, the shutdown is already complete; the web site domain is up for sale, and nobody answered the office telephone when someone from the PGA of America called to confirm the story and get further details.

Formerly known as Bay Ridge Golf Club, Daly bought the course in 2005. His takeover of ownership, as's John Holmes notes, came about in part as a wish from Daly's late mother.

This is genuinely disappointing because, as a semi-private course, Lion's Den was available to the general public. However, it reflects an ugly and unwelcome trend of course closings around the United States — one of the consequences of a sputtering economy over the last six or seven years.

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joe jones says:
On Feherty's show Daly said he was losing about $500,000 a year on the course. That would take a large chunk out of his beer and gambling budget.It's suprising that he held out this long.
Matt F says:
Nice one Joe, you know he's been off the drink for a while now.
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