Tiger: "Physically I just couldn't do it"
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/19/14

In an interview with Sky Sports earlier this morning, Tiger Woods elaborated on his withdrawal from consideration for the 2014 U.S. Ryder Cup team. Specifically, he said that it would not have been fair to his teammates.

Among his comments were these:
"Physically I just couldn't do it — I wouldn't be ready and not being ready for my teammates, for the captain, assistant captains, and everyone who's involved in the event, I just wouldn't be ready and I just couldn't help the team.

"Every time your name's called — and when you're on that team your name could be called five times and trust me, I've played all five sessions, some guys have played one — but when your name's called, your name's called and you need to be able to go out there and get a point.

"And I just didn't feel like I could be ready enough where I could get a point and with that being said, it was time to shut it down, get stronger and get more explosive again and get back for next year.
As he previously announced, Woods is targeting a December return at his World Challenge event. He is spending time working out, all the same:
"It's a little bit right now but generally it's getting better, there's no doubt. We've got it all calmed down, now it's about the strengthening up process.

"And I probably won’t be swinging a club for another month but just getting stronger each and every day.

"I'm in the gym two or three times a day. I've got my physios, I've got my trainers there, so we're working hard and then we're going to introduce dynamic training again, my explosiveness, but that's down the road, let's just get this thing stronger first.

"I've got basically three-and-a-half, four months off where I get to be physically fit, when I come back I'll be explosive again and stable."
We are fairly certain that Tiger feels gutted that he is missing the Ryder Cup, but just as in 2008, he is missing the event due to injury. It is good to see that common sense prevailed here.

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Image via Sky Sports

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joe jones says:
The realization of his condition is half the battle. I have re-habed often enough to know that the second half is to find a swing that he can live with from both a physical and mental place in his mind. It may not be pleasing to him or his critics but Woods can be a strong winner again if he finds that swing.There can be no future career if he doesn't listen to his experts.Right now he is making all the right noises and it sounds encouraging. Time will tell.
Trip says:
But will he be "explosive"?
HotBacon says:
Gutted? Seriously? That word is getting used in the worst situations lately. The dude can't play golf, it's not like he lost his family.
falcon50driver says:
Well he kinda did.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Falcon: 1,000 points. :-P
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