Tiger & Foley Split
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/25/14

On his web site this morning, Tiger Woods announced his split with swing coach Sean Foley:
"I'd like to thank Sean for his help as my coach and for his friendship. Sean is one of the outstanding coaches in golf today, and I know he will continue to be successful with the players working with him. With my next tournament not until my World Challenge event at Isleworth in Orlando, this is the right time to end our professional relationship."
Interestingly, Woods and his staff decided to include a quote from Foley himself:
"My time spent with Tiger is one of the highlights of my career so far, and I am appreciative of the many experiences we shared together. It was a lifelong ambition of mine to teach the best player of all time in our sport. I am both grateful for the things we had the opportunity to learn from one another, as well as the enduring friendship we have built. I have nothing but respect and admiration for him."
Woods will be without a coach for now. During his time with Foley, Woods won several PGA Tour events, but has not won a major championship since his epic U.S. Open Championship playoff victory in June of 2008, when he defeated Rocco Mediate despite playing on a non-functional leg.

And while some people may look at the swing changes Foley made as a possible cause of Woods's recent back problems, consider that Tiger is been injury-prone during his entire professional and amateur career. Although, to be fair, older PGA Tour pros were saying back in the late 1990s that Woods would be facing serious back trouble in the future because of the enormous torque and pressure he put on his back.

Tiger's full statement

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DougE says:
Time for a little de'ja vu.
Do you think Butch could/would handle both Tiger and Phil at the same time? Don't think that would sit well with Phil, but I would still like to see it. I think Butch could help Tiger a lot.
legitimatebeef says:
DougE, I think that would be cool. Butch is an old school guy. His dad won the Masters and was a personal friend of Hogan. Butch once played with Hogan. He is deeply connected to the game and its history. He knows the game inside and out, not just the swing. He is Yoda, basically. Sean Foley is like, one year older than Tiger. What wisdom could he have really offered a guy who already has like, three hall of fame careers worth of wins? I bet Foley is the one who learned more from that project. Butch is an old sage, and from a competitive standpoint its probably good for the billionaire superstar golfer to have someone around, an authoritative paternal figure to put him in his place every now and then.
Matt F says:
About time...ruined his game with that guy.
hollywoodtimb says:
Tiger needs to do this for his own psychological health, if anything. He needs to believe the problem is not his fault, and that his health, be it physical or mental, is why he's not winning.
slimpks1850 says:
All blame/fault lies with Tiger. He's in charge. They're his decisions.
The buck stops right at Tiger's feet.

(& I'm talking about not winning majors)
mustang6560 says:
+1 hollywoodtimb

The ego is sensitive, so he may be trying to protect the reflection in the mirror. If I could offer Tiger advice, I would tell him to start swinging at 80%. In addition to reducing the physical strain on his body, it would also help his accuracy. He is still plenty long at 80%.
Tim Horan says:
I was taught...if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything...yawn, yawn, yawn! Sean Foley is not the problem or the solution. It would be the same as has been shown with any other coach. Tiger is thrashing about looking for something and has not found it. I am with BK on this (other post) Tiger needs to play within himself, 80% swing speed! he doesn't need to out drive everyone on the park to compete. Hitting everything at flat out speed is doing nothing for his accuracy and is further damaging his body.
Tim Horan says:
Sorry Mustang6560 it was you suggesting 80% swing speeds and in this post! My Bad!
mustang6560 says:
Ain't no thang, Tim Horan. Let's hope he listens to our collective advice!
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