No Shortage of Free Advice For Tiger
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/26/14
In the wake of Tiger Woods announcing a professional split with swing coach Sean Foley, several prominent golfers and coaches are tossing out free advice.

Paul Azinger

The 1993 PGA Champion and the last winning U.S. Ryder Cup captain opined thusly to Golf Channel's Randall Mell:
"It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to work on it, but the fix should be able to be explained in minutes,” Azinger told “And then you work on it. You dig it out of the ground yourself.

"Foley is a great coach, and he’s had a lot of success, but the combination of he
[sic] and Tiger together just wasn't great. Saying that, Tiger won five times last year. I think he won in spite of. Tiger finished last in fairways hit and won at Bay Hill.

"Tiger doesn't need to revamp or rework anything but his head and his thought process. Really, in the end, great players don't miss it left. They figure out how not to hook it. They figure out how not to miss it left. When you know you can miss it left, you miss it to the right. That’s simple.

"Tiger's got a two-way miss. He's got to have somebody stand there and show him quickly, either physically, by putting his hands on him, or by talking him into not hitting it left anymore. I don't think you physically have to put your hands on him. You just talk to him about the mental aspect of not hitting it left."

Hank Haney

Tiger's former coach told Ryan Lavner that he doesn't need a swing coach:
"He certainly knows enough. I think he'd probably be better off just going and doing it himself. He's the one that he'll listen to the most. He's the one that he's always listened to the most."
When asked about Woods attention span, which has included things like going off for military-style training, Haney agreed:
"That's the biggest challenge that Tiger would face in helping himself. He has trouble staying on point and staying on a plan. It's making a plan and staying on point, that is where a coach really can help, if he can do that.

"When you look at Tiger's performance, I think it was obvious that he had to go in a different direction. I was surprised when he came back from the back surgery with the same swing that he left on. That was the biggest shock to me."

Butch Harmon

Tiger's former coach told Rex Hoggard that he will not return to his former pupil — and reiterated Haney's advice:
"No, I would not and he’s not going to call and ask. I don't think he needs a swing coach. If I were advising Tiger, I'd tell him, 'You're the greatest player that ever lived; just go to the range and hit shots.'"
Your turn, oobers.

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mjaber says:
As Animal would say... "Beat Balls!!! Beat Balls!!!!!"
legitimatebeef says:
Tiger pulled off a great feat--he made golf seem easy. So now, everyone thinks the solution to get Tiger back on track is so simple and obvious. As if he is some kind of computer that for the past year or so has been simply operating with a faulty code. Not so. Tiger is most likely a human who has to wrestle his own flaws, shortcomings, bad tendencies, blind spots, impatience, laziness etc just like everyone else. Tiger is one of the top two golfers of all time, and yet now everyone from Paul Azinger to double-digit cap OOB members looks down their nose at his game. Now Tiger is suddenly the exemplar of sucking at golf. OK. Karmically this is bad juju I tell you.
joe jones says:
Tiger doesn't need a swing coach now. He has to listen too his body. It will tell him what he can and cannot do. His body is breaking down and will not allow him to "get explosive" like he is always talking about. If a new swing means he can no longer play bomb and gouge golf and that he must throttle back so be it. Tiger can play any style of golf he wants too if he puts put a check on his ego.Giving up yardage and trying for spectacular shots is a good trade off if he can hit fairways and greens. His short game and putting can again be spectacular if he stops fretting about his image.Can you imagine what it would be like if he hits 70-80% of his fairways and hits most of his greens.
brianmk24 says:
I can only imagine what my game would be like if I could hit 70-80% fairways and most of my greens.
bkuehn1952 says:
Tiger, keep your head down. My invoice is in the mail.
Tim Horan says:
My guess with Tiger thrashing about for the answer is that the answer has to come from within. Tiger, swing easy you don't need to out drive every one on the park to win.
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