The PGA Tour Loves Liberty National
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/28/14

Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey and the PGA Tour have entered into a 25-year agreement. Over the course of the contract, Liberty National will host 10 PGA Tour events, as well as the 2017 Presidents Cup.

Since 2009, the club has been on the rota for The Barclays, the first event in the Tour's four-week FedEx Cup Playoffs. Heath Slocum won there in 2009, while Adam Scott triumphed in 2013. Before the Tour's "playoff era" began, it was known as the "Westchester Classic" and was primarily played at Westchester Country Club in Harrison, New York.

And while this contributes to a long string of major championships and a Ryder Cup being played in the New York City metropolitan area, including five in a row from 2016 to 2020, Liberty National did not have a very auspicious Tour debut; it was ranked the second-worst course by Tour players back in 2009 following The Barclays.

But it was designed to be fan-friendly; club co-founder Dan Fireman touted the fact that tournament attendees "can get to us by boat, train, [and] bus."

However, that access extends only to fans. Built over a former landfill at a cost of over $250 million, Liberty National remains a private and very exclusive club. Visiting golfers are permitted only as invited guests of members.

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Image via Liberty National Golf Club

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Torleif Sorenson says:
Perhaps some golf enthusiast with a legitimate beef would like to chime in on Liberty National?   :-P
legitimatebeef says:
You would think a golf enthusiast in Manhattan such as myself would be happy about this development, but you would be wrong. I attended the Barclays at Bethpage and it kind of sucked. I'm not into crowds in the first place. A New York crowd in 2014, forget about it.
falcon50driver says:
Don't you mean fuggiddabouddit?
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