Adam Scott and Steve Williams Split, Amicably
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/17/14
Back in January, we told you that this year would be super-caddie Steve Williams's final year as a full-time caddie. At that time, Williams had planned on looping for 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott part time in 2015, then call it a career at the 2015 Tour Championship.

Scott has changed the timeline — and so he and Williams have amicably parted ways. In a statement, Scott said:
"Steve has been an integral part of my team in a period where I have fulfilled some of my lifetime golfing goals. His dedication and professionalism have been without question, and his friendship is highly valued. Our priorities and stages of life are different now, and so we decided that this is the best time to end our partnership."
Williams was also diplomatic, but made sure that he was leaving the door open for an every-once-in-awhile tournament with Scott:
"After discussing this in detail with Adam it became evident that my plan was not going to fit with Adam's requirements and so we decided to end our partnership. Having caddied for the first Australian to win the Masters is a career highlight and a memory I will cherish forever. If the right opportunity arose I would consider caddying on a part-time basis in the future."
Earlier this year, Williams was inducted into the Western Golf Association's Caddie Hall of Fame, for the obvious reasons. During the 15 years he worked for Tiger Woods and Adam Scott, Williams was on the bag for 14 major championship victories.

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joe jones says:
Good riddance as far as I'm concerned.I saw him take a phone from a spectator and throw it in the bushes. I had a personal confrontation with Williams at the Western Open when he falsely faced down a senior citizen about using a cell phone.He was verbally abusive, threatened the man with violence and swore like trooper. Myself and two other spectators took him to task and he shut up. He didn't apologize.He turned tail and walked away. His only talent is he is big and strong and has the ability to help his player read greens just like about 40 other looper,s on the tour.I prefer someone that does his job with grace and dignity like Fluff Cowen.
EagleEye217 says:
He may be a good caddy, but he always seemed to come across as being "bigger" than the game!!!
Andy Kuskus says:
Firstly, when you're a caddie that never being "bigger" than player. Williams had been on Woods' bag for 72 wins worldwide, including 13 majors and 16 World Golf Championships. And it showed the deep resentment he felt toward Woods when Woods fired him.
joe jones says:
In 2007 when Tiger earned $11 Million Williams was payed $1.5 million based upon the formula that was commonplace at the time. Those earnings would have placed him 42nd on the money list ahead of Angel Cabrera, the U.S.Open winner that earned $1.66 million for his efforts. Of course Cabrera had to pay his own caddy.When Williams and Tiger split all he did was bad mouth the guy that made him wealthy. I'm glad his split with Scott was amicable. Maybe he can shut his yap this time but I doubt it. It's hard to fix stupid.
Matt F says:
Some real hate towards a man who had a job to do and did it well.
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