AK's $10 Million Parachute?
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/18/14
Anthony Kim was, at one point, golf's Next Big Thing. Following some Ryder Cup heroics in 2008, Kim was riding high — and even hanging with some really big stars, like Shaquille O'Neal (pun partially intended).

But like Tiger Woods, Kim sustained a series of injuries to his left thumb, his left wrist, and his left Achilles tendon. Unlike Tiger, Kim has not returned to the Tour.

Now, Sports Illustrated's Alan Shipnuck says that Kim may cash in on an insurance policy against a career-ending injury that one IMG staffer says is valued at $10 million, but an anonymous friend of Kim says is closer to $20 million.

Shipnuck also quoted Colt Knost, who reportedly is Kim's closest friend on tour:
"We were really tight, but I haven't seen that much of him lately — I don't even have a number for him anymore. It's no secret I like to go out around Dallas. People used to always say to me, 'Hey, Anthony was in here last night.' I haven't heard that in months. It's like he's hiding out.

"To say that he won't come back because of money, that doesn't ring true to me because he's the most competitive kid I know. I can't imagine that's what he's thinking, unless something's changed and he doesn't want to play anymore."
This seems entirely possible when you read Shipnuck's article, which includes some back-story on Kim's upbringing.
Shipnuck's article is kind of long-ish, but it is a fascinating read.

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falcon50driver says:
Follow the money in any situation.
legitimatebeef says:
One off-putting story after another lately. I don't blame you Tor, it's the media, and the state of pro golf right now. PS Shipnuck is a sicko, can't really be taken serious.
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