American Hair-Strikes at the Ryder Cup
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/24/14
This all began when Rickie Fowler decided to get a special haircut in advance of the Ryder Cup. Most people took the resulting buzz (at right) as a fun gesture of esprit de corps.

But on Tuesday, Oliver Brown, the chief sports feature writer for The Telegraph, decided to be mortally offended at Fowler's "controversial" haircut, which he described as "an exhibition of thuggish jingoism."

Somebody else at The Telegraph, an otherwise-very reliable source of news, took Brown's outburst and ran with it, putting together a gallery of worst-ever Ryder Cup hair-dos.

Mr. Brown also used his article to take apart U.S. captain Tom Watson, whose response was reported in his column. Brown apparently missed Watson's second sentence altogether:
"I thought it was terrific. It brings a light spirit to the team. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if even Ted Bishop puts 'USA' on the side of his head if it means we're going to win."
Bishop, in case you were not already aware, happens to be the president of the PGA of America, the organization that has "jurisdiction" over the Ryder Cup in the United States. Brown took a cheap shot at the PGA boss by saying that the 60-year-old was "without even half the hair required to carry the look off."

Naturally, Bishop responded to Brown's taunt on Tuesday by getting in on the action:

We do not pretend to be fashion police, but clearly Fowler's new 'do' is better than his old one, which was some kind of mutant Bobby Goldsboro-meets-awkward-junior-high-school-portrait atrocity:

We at oobgolf have only one unanswered question about the "USA haircut" kerfuffle: Who poured mustard into Oliver Brown's Froot Loops yesterday morning?

Mr. Brown, you are otherwise a talented sportswriter — lighten up, sir. Don't get all "reverse Sam the Eagle" on us.

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accarson3 says:
Nice Bobby Goldsboro reference...that's turning back the clock.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Thank you, Mr. Carson! I was hoping at least a few of our readers got that joke.
CeeBee says:
The cut looks fine but I root for Europe.
Duke of Hazards says:
^^ Commie !
jpjeffery says:
I'm somewhat embarrassed that a fellow Brit would actually be offended by Fowler's hair styling at all (let alone write about his hurt feelings in a newspaper column!)

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