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Williams Open to Part-Time Work With Tiger
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/2/14
Boy, how times change.

In July of 2011, Tiger Woods fired Steve Williams as his caddie. Following the split, the native of Wellington, New Zealand began caddying for Adam Scott, who won the 2013 Masters Tournament. Since Williams announced his retirement, Adam Scott will move to a new caddie for 2015.

Now comes word from the Associated Press that Williams still plans to retire, but is open to re-joining Tiger Woods on a part-time basis. When questioned by a reporter if Williams would be willing to work for Tiger again, Williams said:
"[H]e's definitely someone I'd consider. He's a tremendous talent, but it's hard to say right now because it's only two weeks since I've hung up the clubs."
When this tidbit first hit the wires late Thursday afternoon, scribes were scribbling and Twitter was all a-twitter.

The gigantic missing piece in all of this is what Tiger thinks of the idea.

Woods, of course, has had Joe LaCava on the bag since September of 2011. LaCava is noted for having toted the bag of Fred Couples during his glory years on the PGA Tour. We at oobgolf suspect that Tiger enjoys having LaCava on the bag in part because we never hear or read much about LaCava when he's not on the course. Furthermore, LaCava rarely, if ever, speaks to reporters — something that Woods undoubtedly appreciates very much.

Given the very public and acrimonious split between Woods and Williams, this is an unusual extension of the proverbial olive branch. But we're going to predict that nothing develops unless LaCava is forced to the sidelines by an injury or a family emergency.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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homermania says:
Seems like a non-story based on a off-hand comment. I don't see these two getting together again.
CeeBee says:
Too bad. He would help.
legitimatebeef says:
Steve probably misses the excitement. It was a wild ride, hopping the globe collecting trophies big and small, making huge putts and chips and screaming F-YEAH at each other, making history, whipping crowds into frenzy, practically Beatlemania everywhere they go. And the paydays, for God's sake. All those cush, massive appearance-fee exhibitions. Probably he grew bored with Adam and his buttoned-up even keeled ways and comparatively modest earnings. Steve and Tiger might have ended on bad terms, but they had sparks man.
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