PGA Corrects Bishop's Status
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/27/14
On Friday, after Ted Bishop was impeached and removed from his post as president of the PGA of America, part of his statement to the public included this text:
The PGA has also informed me that I will not become the Honorary President nor will I ever be recognized as a Past President in our Association’s history. These, along with the impeachment are drastic consequences for the offense I have committed, but I must live with them...

...Today, all I have left is my PGA membership and that will always mean the world to me.
This writer's original but unstated reaction was that the PGA of America were basically taking a Kim Jong Un-style approach to erasing him from their history — awfully draconian.

Now it turns out that Bishop was either lying, or failed to understand exactly where he stands within the PGA.

Early on Monday morning, the PGA of America released this statement on their web site:
To correct many erroneous media reports regarding Ted Bishop's membership status, the PGA of America is providing this statement for clarification.

The PGA of America would like to clarify that Ted Bishop will retain his status as a member of the PGA of America. As such, he will enjoy the same rights and privileges of all PGA members, including the ability to attend PGA of America events.

Bishop will continue to be recognized as the 38th President of the PGA, and his record of service during the time period which he served will remain intact.

Due to his removal from office, Bishop will not serve on the Board of Directors in the role of Honorary President, nor will he be granted the rights and privileges of a Past President in our governance structure.
At this point, we have no idea whether the PGA of America's board of directors or Bishop himself is to blame for Bishop's inaccurate Friday statement about being erased from the organization's history. But given that the PGA of America had to issue the correction, this makes Ted Bishop look even less a sympathetic character than he was following his sexist and childish online slap at Ian Poulter last Thursday.

Incidentally, below is the PGA of America's Board of Directors, who voted on Friday to impeach and remove Bishop from his post:

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Images via PGA of America

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Tim Horan says:
This is an unrelated post... Where is everyone? Nobody is commenting on (if they are even reading) any of this good stuff that Torlief is putting up for us on a daily basis.

The Wedge Guy has not submitted a column for nearly 4 months. My guess is he won't write without some encouragement (comments from us Oobers out here.

I am not going to write another column until there is more participation.

I am sure Wedge Guy writes his columns to get feed back from us. The more feed back the more subject matter he will have to write about.

Come on fellas this used to be a fun place to be with some banter and a whole lot of golf subjects being banded about.
dottomm says:
@Tim Huron. I'm still reading, but honestly the content has been a little bland. Not much happening in the golf world these day, with the exception of this Ted Bishop stuff..which by the way is hilarious.
jpjeffery says:
I've been commenting.

But I think much of the problem, Tim, is that Oobgolf is clearly closing down and members are feeling a bit grumpy about it. Rightfully so, at least to some extent.
Matt F says:
If you want to complain Tim, complain about the fact that there hasn't been a giveaway on this site for is killing the site and they don't care. They just want us to shut up, go to skygolf and give them money for products that have fallen in quality from where they used to be.
DougE says:
I'm guessing The Wedge Guy is now pretty busy with Ben Hogan Golf, preparing for a launch of new irons in a few months (for the first time in over a decade or so). Writing content for oob is likely not at the top of his list these days. His column WAS being published over on SkyGolf's ClubSG site simultaneous to it being published here. Hmmm. I wonder if it is STILL being published there and just not here. Wouldn't surprise me.

The few Oobers who are still hanging around here are like the guests at a party that don't want to leave even though the hosts have gone to bed. Our "hosts" are sound asleep, just hoping we will be gone in the morning.
legitimatebeef says:
Well I'm gonna continue to look at the bright side, cuz that's the kind of guy I am. We still have the free basic stats and scorekeeping and a forum that works for the most part. We are totally free to do our usual chewing of the fat and whatnot. Who needs these softball articles and editorial puff pieces. Not me. If you all seek someone to blame for the lack of activity on Oob, start by looking in the mirror, jack. Also oober dottomm makes a great point: golf in 2014 has been pretty forgettable, newswise.
homermania says:
I missed you guys.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I cite the lack of giveaways and the leaning toward videos and tweets instead of actual words and stories as my reason for the decline in participation. I'll still use the free stat tracking and stuff, but I'm certainly not paying for 'extra' stats when there is no love shown to the addicts (ahem, giveaways.)

That said, I guess we have to wait for Eldrick to start playing again for the infotainment to pick back up.

(sad note: infotainment is recognized as a word by the spellcheck.)
SpaceMaNy0 says:
2 more points: 1- oob's only contributor doesn't even PLAY golf (lets hear the excuses again)
and 2- why the hell is lynn swann an 'independent director'? I guess old athletes get handed cushy titles until they die.
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