Gary Player Could Improve Tiger's Game
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/31/14
In an interview with Graham Bensinger of Yahoo! Sports, nine-time major champion Gary Player of South Africa said he would be able to turn Tiger Woods and his game around.

The interview is posted only on Yahoo! Sports. However, they made this preview available:

Among the topics Player would address with Woods is swing mechanics:
"I would talk to him quite a bit about the swing, because he's got flaws. There's a reason why he's not the same Tiger Woods anymore, and I reckon I could get those things across to him that would make a massive change because I've had so much experience, which would take him at least another 40-50 years to get.

"Tiger was so good. He was so much better than anybody that plays today," he said. "If he never had another lesson
[after 2000], just left what he had, he would have won 20, 22, 24 majors"
But we suspect that Player would probably have much the same effect on... ...well, any golfer.

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legitimatebeef says:
It would be more interesting at this point if some pro golfer of status were to say: I have no idea what Tiger needs to do to get better, and if I were to try to help him he would get not better, he would get worse.
falcon50driver says:
Whew, I almost forgot about that guy tiger, thanks for reminding me. I was jonesin' for some more tiger articles.
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