Feherty Backs Tiger on Jenkins
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/19/14
David Feherty was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show today, and calmly backed Tiger Woods in criticizing Dan Jenkins's snarky, mean-spirited fake interview with Tiger in the December 2014 issue of Golf Digest:

The relevant section begins at about 2:20.

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jeffcroupier says:
so, I've seen Feherty and Rex Hoggard basically defend Tiger, others including Feinstein back Jenkins.

I haven't closely followed which few journalists Tiger finds acceptable, but is the reaction breaking down along those lines? For instance, I know Feinstein has been critical of Tiger for years. I don't know Hoggard's relationship with Tiger.

I'd assume if someone asked Tom Rinaldi, he'd also back Tiger
legitimatebeef says:
Please, Woods is probably the ultimate get for the Feherty TV show. So of course he takes this opportunity to grease those channels. What a greaseball.
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