Spieth Soars, Tiger Toils
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/8/14

Most of us remember Tiger Woods lapping the field at the 1997 Masters Tournament. This past weekend, Jordan Spieth replicated the feat, albeit not at an in-season official PGA Tour event.

But the scores and the paychecks were real enough.

Fresh off his stunning victory at the Australian Open, Spieth returned stateside and started Sunday with a seven-shot lead in the Hero World Challenge, the annual Tiger Woods-hosted event, played this year at Isleworth CC, outside Orlando, Florida. He then coasted to a ten-shot victory, not even letting a double-bogey at 14 spoil the fun. In winning the event, Spieth set 54- and 72-hole tournament scoring records, lapped the field by ten shots over his nearest competitor (Sweden's Henrik Stenson), shot a course-record 63 along the way, and is now the 9th-ranked man in golf worldwide, jumping two spaces from 11th in the Official World Golf Ranking.

The "changing of the guard" in golf was on display again this weekend;
Tiger had an 8 at the par-5 13th and tied for last place (77-70-69-72 = 288) at level par with Hunter Mahan. But for Tiger, the most important accomplishment this weekend was that he played an entire tournament pain-free.

As for Spieth, his own words are best:

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falcon50driver says:
Seems like a nice person.
joe jones says:
I like Tiger's new/old swing. He is much more upright and he didn't lay off his left hand on the back swing. It is a much smoother transition and allows him to release the club rather than steering it which made for right/left misses especially with the driver. His short game left a lot to be desired but he was not alone. Short, tight lies don't allow the players to hit high shots unless they are in complete control.Bump and run shots or putting is a better alternative in that case.Americans don't employ the method enough. Look at the Euro's and see how close they can get their shots that way. In any case, Tiger lost 9 shots to par with chili dips and bladed shots. Woulda, coulda he would have had a final score that showed how much better he will be now. Better yet he played pain free fopr 4 day's. Very encouraging.
jasonfish11 says:
I was wondering the same thing Joe. I was dumbfounded by the club selection around the greens. It was like none of these guys have ever played on bermuda grass before. Using a lofted club to chip into the grain of bermuda grass on a tight surface is just asking for disaster. It has to be the hardest shot in golf imo.

You can't open the face and use the bounce because the lie is so tight. And given the grain in bermuda like that it just grabs the leading edge and slams the club into the ground, even if you're a fraction of an inch off. A fraction of an inch the other way and you've bladed the ball.

I just couldn't believe none of them were taking their medicine pulling hybrid or 6i and giving themselves a 10-15' putt to save par.

When I first saw Tiger doing it I was just assuming he was "messing around" and treating it like he were practicing because it had been so long since he was in a tournament. But seeing Walker, and Watson also 3 chip it I was really shocked.
falcon50driver says:
Must have been humiliating for tiger to finish dead last.
srogers13 says:
Probably made him throw up.
Torleif Sorenson says:
(rim shot)
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