By Kickntrue on 3/14/08
I don't get it.

Found at

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golfgirl says:
You're not meant to understand it. You're meant to be curious. See, it worked. Tune in March 20th.
klangdon says:
Tune in to what? Seems like somebody forgot to tell you where to go on March 20th...

Here is another one:
falcon50driver says:
Probably going there to take his second shot, after teeing it up too high, and "skied" it. Us mere mortals just have to listen to "oops, that'll bring rain" or "Houston, we have a problem"
teeoff says:
He is going to see if there is some better competition out there since no one can stop him here on Earth.
Kickntrue says:
Teeoff- that's the best answer I've heard yet! thanks for the comment. Pipe up more.
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