Veterans Can Kiss My [Butt]
By Kickntrue on 4/2/08
Bubba Watson is awesome. Check out this video clip that is flying around the internet this week. He was caught by Golf Channel microphones cussing at his playing partner Steve Elkington for walking while he was setting up. Classic new golf phrase, "Veterans can kiss my [butt]!"

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chipotle mg says:
bubba watson
TaylorFade says:
Where does that come from? He must get no respect from any of the older guys.
Kickntrue says:
Thanks Chip. Sorry to Boo... they are like the same guy anyway though, right?
duecebomb says:
Elkington is lame, Bubba is sick.
Eldrick says:
he shoulda said "GOLF veterans can kiss his Barack Obama" otherwise people may think he means war veterans!
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