Best Amateur Happy Gilmore Swings
By new2thegame on 7/1/08
After pictures of Woody Austin's shirts it got me thinking about Happy Gimore where he says, "Hey, if I saw myself in clothes like those I'd have to kick my own ass."

So- while looking for the clip of that line on YouTube I ended up finding a lot of amateurs trying to pull off the "Happy Gilmore" swing. It turns out that people will try almost anything with a video camera turned on. Mixed results follow.






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Josh says:
I've tried this before at the driving range (or when playing as a single behind two ridiculously slow four-somes (playing through would be pointless). It's really hard (most times I just missed the ball completely) but I don't get how you fall down.
Josh says:
The best one is probably the one kickntrue indicates but it pains me to say that since that guy looks like such a d-bag.
Kickntrue says:
It's actually a little too polished and planned for my tastes. It's clearly the best but he needs to work on his presentation. It's like a magician who has his trick down from the standpoint of performing the illusion- but with no presentation to bring it home. This dude needs to act like he's never done it before. He needs to plan his step away more carelessly- and then just step up and whack it.
kenjab says:
The dude in the first FAIL video has no clue. He doesn't even have the range mat laid out's sideways. That's why he has to stand on the concrete to hit it. If he turned it the proper way with the tee on the right side of the mat, he wouldn't slip.
golfgirl says:
Now I'm tempted to try it this weekend ... and considering my normal swing the results should be adequately disastrous.
Josh says:
if you do I think we'll need to see that video posted here ASAP.
jerdman says:
The dude at the bottom hit it nicely, but his manpri's deserve a fail.
I tried it barefoot at a course one time, but the lack of traction resulted in me doing a 360 wipeout. Still hit the ball, just with an awful slice.
mr_hungry says:
Secret is no backswing - start like you're hitting a baseball.
dexterk922 says:
i screw around with all the time at the range and i never miss... so i can't understand how these guys are missing and falling
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