Just Like That
By Kickntrue on 8/18/08
The golf swing can easily be broken down into 24 parts with 15 variations for each part. Simple.

I'm sure this is faked to be funny- but it's still good.

Thanks to Brad Clardy for the link.

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dlaville says:
It's Golfing Machine. However he does make a couple of errors; There is no two line delivery path and the components have 3 to 15 variatiions not 12 to 15.
falcon50driver says:
At least someone was paying attention.....
dlaville says:
I'm an authorized Golfing Machine instructor so I understood what he was saying 8-)
PapaJoe says:
Some people will do ANYTHING to get his/her 15 seconds of fame. I understood EVERYTHING he said. But it still breaks down to Julius Boros' swing technique of: 1, 2, hit the ball! "YouTube" blows chunks!
SilkySmoothFlatStick says:
I recorded this on my ipod and listen to it at each tee......and ............it didn't work..Lol
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