By Kickntrue on 10/10/08
Because it's Friday. It must be some new viral ad campaign but this first clip doesn't tell you who. Any guesses?


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blue_crush says:
are you FRIGIN kidding me, as he was prancing towards the flag I would have dropped him big time, those guys are a disgrace and run like girls... sorry like old farts.... then after I caught him I would have dragged his a$$ all the way back to the clubhouse behind the cart with his ankle in my belt... bring it on johnny Knoxville, JACKASS... I would show them who gets the last laugh....
KVSmith59 says:
Me and my friends would have killed him...but soory, although he probably screwed up the green and should be shot for that...I must admit....I was laughing while watching it. Just the fact that the guy took the time to set up the camera, create a space suit (LOL), and then actually do this makes me think he's crazy, but also has some mighty big golf balls
Off-Course Golf Rob says:
That would have been a memorable round. They should have done it to commemorate the landing on the moon etc. The question is weather he stepped infront of the players line. Dinging up the green was the only drawback to this clip. My question is who gave him the cart?
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