Kyle Lograsso Rules
By Kickntrue on 3/11/09
I saw this on "Real Sports" on HBO a couple weeks ago and have been waiting for it to hit YouTube. If you can watch this without tearing up... you're not human.

Kyle is an six year old golf phenom who's been dealt his fair share of difficulty in his life. Diagnosed with cancer at a young age Kyle has only 1 working eye. On top of that- he's had to deal with his dad/caddy being away in Iraq.

This is like reading the last page before the first but you can feel free to go back and watch other videos of Kyle on YouTube. Obviously the thing that makes this "sports" newsworthy is how good Kyle is at golf, which you'll be able to see from his swing in the clips. One great thing- his parents aren't driving him to golf, it's just something he enjoys. Let's hope it stays that way. Episode Guide

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Jake Bogardus says:
Only two words that come to mind right now are Wow and Cool
Nomad says:
all prospective fathers should watch this.
Steveberrywv says:
My wife has been in contact of little Kyle's mother, you see, my son was born with the same disease and has lived with the effects that it caused after the procedures. He will turn 30 in April, he is a miracle to both me and the wife and the rest of the family. For any one who has a new born, please, PLEASE have your child throughly checked at his first doctors visit. My son's was caught at his first doctors appointment and had treatment at Ohio State. He has both eyes one is 20/20, but the other is 20/200. So please have your child's eye sight check.
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