Nike's "Tiger Returns" Commercial
By Kickntrue on 2/24/09
Nike has a new commercial that will start airing tomorrow. It made me crack a smile. Imagine being so powerful that when you come back, your endorser asks other endorsees (is that a word?) to make fun of themselves for the good of the team.


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Tee it High. says:
That is an outstanding commercial. Glad to see all the Nike guys have a sense of humor.
klangdon says:
Awesome. They should air it quick before he loses in first round this week.
bducharm says:
klangdon - wanna bet that Tiger loses tomorrow??? He's going to win this week guys!!!
kidputter says:
Great commercial. I could care less if he wins or not. He's in a win win situation. If he wins, it's back to normal. If he loses, he's just rusty. Either way, it's good for the game.
Howzit says:
kidave is matter how he plays, his return was inevitable, and good for the game!
gbreadman says:
Excellent commercial. Will go down as one of the best. Would've been perfect superbowl material. I thought it was a SportsCenter commercial, at first.

Nike could lease the rights to ESPN and just swap the "swoosh" with "This is Sportscenter."
whomsley says:
Best_Commercial_Ever. It's good to see these guys laughing at themselves. It means they are human and they get the joke.
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