The Proper Way To Throw A Club
By Kickntrue on 3/2/09
I found a pretty well done (straight-faced) "training" video on on the proper way to throw your clubs.

Since our Golfer of the Week Russ Ortiz mentioned he likes to throw clubs, I thought it was fitting.

Throwing Clubs The Right Way

I have a great club throwing story. I was playing with a group of friends in a highly competitive 36 hole match. We were on the 29th hole or so and I chunked yet another short pitch (pre-EIDOLON days), and was fed up. I turned towards my cart some 30 yards away and chucked my wedge at it. It was a beautiful throw and the club rattled around the cart before snapping in half. I felt great afterwards and didn't have to worry about chunking another wedge!

Feel free to share your best stories.

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Jake Bogardus says:
I have a club breaking story too. I was playing a great round, 1 under through 7 holes and on the 8th had a par 3 220 yards. Take out 3 iron flare it about 20 yards offline to the right towards pine trees you don't want to be in. Club went straight into the ground and snapped in my hands in half. Carry it in my bag to this day still
falcon50driver says:
It's a poor craftsman who blames his tools for shoddy work. Besides that, I'll always remember the guy who was so angry about a shot that he hit a nearby tree so hard that the club wrapped around and hit him in the temple, killing him instantly.
jerdman says:
I prefer the tomahawk chuck accompanied by a barbarian yell. Its a more pure form of anger release. The golf swing throw is risky, and a failed attempt at throwing your club only adds fuel to the fire.
jbird899 says:
I witnessed a great club toss. It was on an elivated par 3. Guy in front of me hit a bad shot and he did a small flip of the club. Harmless, not in a rage at all. The club did a ricochet off the grip and head and went plumenting off the tee box, about 32 feet into a swamp area. Thats when he got really pissed.
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