UroClub- Now With Video
By Kickntrue on 3/12/09
We've featured the UroClub on oobgolf before, but now there is video.

The UroClub is a club like device that you can urinate it during a round when a bathroom just can't be found. It's supposed to prevent public expsosure and such.

As a fun side note- I spoke with the owner and creator of UroClub at a golf show and told him how awesome I thought his product was. I told him I thought it was one of the greatest gag gifts and hilarious products of our time. He then proceded to scold me (seriously) and tell me that this wasn't a joke and people who think it's a joke give his invention a bad name.

No sir, you gave UroClub a bad name. Lucky for him- I don't hold grudges- and here is his product featured in all its glory. I just pray its not an act and he really is taking a piss on camera behind the towel.

The Uro Club - Watch more Funny Videos

Via SI's Hotclicks

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klangdon says:
Did they say "sanitary solution"? Im thinking leavin my pee on the ground is more sanitary than putting it back in my bag...
Howzit says:
I think the idea is....after you discretely fill the tube, you walk over to the tree and pour it out...at least I "HOPE" that's their plan!
dml138 says:
How much are they? If they are super cheap I think I would just fill one up and just leave it next to the green like I forgot my club. At the very least the party behind me would get a pretty nice surprise. Nothing better than finding a full warm uroclub on the course.
dml138 says:
Yo Andy B I double dog dare you to play a whole round doing all your chips with a fully loaded uroclub.
KVSmith59 says:
what's next? dumpclub?
joowen says:
think about this-it could be used in the opposite way on courses that dont allow coolers.you could fill it up and be set.
activesense says:
That video would be much funnier if an angry ranger caught them watering the plantlife and started chasing them while they tried to zip up their pants. Throw in a few cart girls in 'naughty golfer' attire and make it into a Benny Hill chase - complete with small bald guy whiffing on the 1st tee as they all run by him, slapping him on the head.
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