Tiger Woods 2010 With Wii MotionPlus
By Kickntrue on 3/15/09
EA Sports new Tiger Woods video game should be great. It looks even sweeter on the Wii where with the new Wii MotionPlus controller you have even more control. In previous version you could lazily sit on the couch and play the course. Hopefully now it will take more skill to master the game.

Now if we can get EA to fix the putting! Uggh... the putting.


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falcon50driver says:
Why not get outside and play actual golf ?
Kickntrue says:
We don't all live in Texas!
furrier says:
Reasons to play golf on the Wii:

1--Easier to get a tee time
2--reduced greens fees
3--faster play

Of course, I haven't seen fit yet to spend the $$ to purchase
a Wii, Nintendo, XBox, ..., so this is all in theory!
jerdman says:
Wow. That looks awesome if I had a wii.
But with the weather are they saying that if I start this game up in January, and its 2-¦, with snow and 50 mph wind at St. Andrews then thats what I'll have in the game?
turk944 says:
Wow, this is exactly why I love my wii. This looks freaking amazing, can't wait to try it out.
kidputter says:
Six months from the stores and the buzz is already starting. From what I've heard, read and seen, the weather is truly based on the weather on the specific course for that day. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
hondolane says:
Its for all the lazy people who dont want to exercise and get out in the air.. Maybe it will cut down on slow play and less waiting at the first tee.
dbigs44 says:
Sweet! Just bought the girlfriend a Wii and the Wii Fit. She moves in the beginning of August, then the Wii will be at my... errrr... our house. My plan is working perfectly.

Oh, and can't speak to all you fair weather folks, but golfing is tough up here in Michigan after October.
jsbennett says:
Just bought TW10 for Wii. I was very apprehensive b/c someone at the store told me "YOU DONT WANT THAT GAME". She said "I've heard it's extremely hard and the graphics suck". Well, I did not take her word for it. Truth is...it's more like real golf! My first round was Bethpage Black, and I was happy w/ 78 (+8). I LOVE the putting! The rest of it will just take a little fine tuning. There is so much to this game! Even the weather settings can be what the "actual" weather is for the day you are playing! Is that awesome or what? I'm glad I didnt take their word for it. This was an excellent Father's Day gift from my daughter!
rookie wii player says:
i have TW 2010. Can I play online with my friend who has TW 2009?
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