TheGolfGirl Goes Sergio Crazy
By Kickntrue on 4/8/09
TheGolfGirl, Patricia Hannigan, put together a lusty video of Sergio and proclaims him her Masters favorite. I know at least the smart people on oob are with her on this one.

In addition to her Sergio video- I've found where The Golf Girl keeps her video archives which include an elusive video of her actually taking a swing. She doesn't post her scores on oob- but maybe we can take a guess.

Golf Girl TV

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Josh says:
140.... for how many holes?
GolfSmith7 says:
Sorry Sergio you might not even make the cut. Why, you ask? Because there is too much pressure, people are depending on him to get a free driver. lol

140 nine holes :-)
golfgirl says:
Well, yes, I've been know to score in the 140s a couple/few times but that video really doesn't do my swing justice cause that was the first time I wore that techno vest, and I didn't quite put it on correctly and it was constricting my ...anatomy. Later the guys showed my how to get into it correctly and my swing was back to its normal awesomeness. :o)

As for Sergio... well he made the cut...and he's hot.
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