Natalie Gulbis On Price Is Right
By Kickntrue on 5/5/09
Man.. Gulbis is really trying to be the face of the LPGA. First, Celebrity Apprentice and now Price Is Right.

I don't actually know when this is from, but since I just found it we'll call it... "recently." You need to let the video get rolling a bit (you can realistically skip the first 3:15) and then she comes out- dressed fort he course and with all the pressure of pre-recorded tv on the line. I won't spoil the surprise.

BTW- I'm again saying.. I don't buy her as hot. Sue me!

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Werepuppie says:
Thats what we need in golf,the bounce back putt.I could shoot under 90 every time.
Virtuaframax says:
i agree with you: i dont think she's that goodlooking... there are many more hot girls than her also in the LPGA!

btw, how can i find a course with a little wall that makes my putt bounce back in the hole? LOL
Mookie says:
I guess you fellers haven't been married 28 years.
sigmapete1 says:
Regardless of how hot you think she is, one thing is certain, I would NOT be hugging Drew Carey after I drained the putt and won a car if she was next to me too! What was that guy thinking!!
benhogan531 says:
I'm not buying the grass as green, the sky as blue either. Icky girls.
ToddRobb says:
OVER RATED clap clap clap clap clap
twood says:
she's not nearly as good looking as she (and a lot of people) thinks she is
falcon50driver says:
Are you guys serious? I think she's hottern' donut grease.
mmontisano says:
too bad she can't actually make a putt like that when she really needs it to win a tournament.
Mookie says:
You rock, m2d.
Stumpie2012 says:
She is cute. When did PiR start counting the rebounds?
kidputter says:
She has a great body, but something about her face just doesn't work for me. Half a dozen ladies on the tour are WAY better looking.
Half a dozen ladies at my course are better looking.
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