Barkley Not Quite Fixed
By Kickntrue on 5/17/09
We all know Charles Barkley is working hard to fix his swing with Hank Haney. He's not quite there yet.


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Chosen12b says:
dang, that sucks
SingleDigits says:
I wouldn't bring my 4 yr old son any where in front of Barkley's swing...
helfon says:
That is referred to in some circles as natural selection.
knoxgoalie says:
totally agree with helfon here...who would stand anywhere except directly behind him when he swings...seriously
PGA Tour Driven says:
holy crap .. thats crazy. if you look in the background it looks like the other golfer and some1 else were trying to signal to the people to move. little to late..
kidputter says:
That almost looked staged. Amazing that the camera would be almost directly in front of where he was aiming. He also appeared to swing with a lot less force than his practice swing.
Feel bad for the guy who was hit, but maybe he should watch more Golf Channel. You learn where to be when people are driving.
ToddRobb says:
WTF??? It's funny that there are golf fans out there that don't know about Charles Barkley's swing.
whomsley says:
I cannot believe he hit someone. I agree, WTF??? I have and always be a Charles Barkley fan, but I certainly do feel bad for the guy.
AbsoluteZero says:
I don't even feel comfortable standng in that possition when the pros tee off. If someone stands there when barkley tees off, they are asking for it.
JWHpurist says:
Barkley is a "good dude", trying hard and will improve over time. I would be willing to play a round with him anytime, any place, and it would be a great pleasure to make him relax and enjoy the game we all love!! JWHpurist
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