Tiger On Jimmy Fallon
By Kickntrue on 6/26/09
Tiger Woods was on Jimmy Fallon and played him at Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010. Be glad Tiger is better in real life... I guess Jimmy beat him earlier and this is the rematch. There is some trash talk, which makes it okay, but in general it's about how you'd expect Tiger to be with media.

Jimmy Fallon's lucky his network believes in him - and he gets great guests (Did you see the Zach Morris/SBTB clip?). Everytime I've watched it's borderline unbearable.

Jimmy Fallon Homepage

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Jake Bogardus says:
@ Whoever wrote this for oob:

You think this was a weak interview by Tiger? How about a sucky interview by Jimmy. Like do a little research Fallon. He says the US Open was a "tough 3 days" and Tiger is looking at him like I was out there for 5 you idiot. He didn't know the term major championships. If he doesn't do any research about golf how can you expect Tiger to give him anything back.
helfon says:
Yeah you could tell the way Tiger mentioned his injury and comeback he was thinking this is going to be news to Fallon.
Jake Bogardus says:
When Tiger does these shows he is actually normally a great interview. He did one with Ellen DeGeneres? a while ago and it was very funny. Tiger is a funny guy off the course from what Ive seen and is very witty. Fallon just blew this one in my opinion.
kidputter says:
Jimmy Fallon must have pictures of someone. How the heck did he even GET a show?
rockus31 says:
Tiger does a good job of getting through this interview with Fallen, but am I the only one who felt that Fallen was the drunken heckler on the golf course. I mean get real, who would ever watch the show unless he had someone good that could make it through the interview.
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