Open Mic Check [Update]
By Kickntrue on 8/3/09
I think David Feherty just got some loving over an open mic when CBS came back to the Buick Open. I hope it was his wife Anita or he's in TROUBLE.

(I think it was David Feherty. If not- then someone still got some loving on an open mic.)

Oh yah... Tiger wins. Well... hasn't yet, but most likely will, and this saves me a post later.

Make sure you have your sound on to hear the smooch. I can't quite make out the rest of the conversation after until CBS cuts the mic.

[Update- New Video of the Tiger Fart!! Hilarious and an absolute no-doubter]

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mjaber says:
Sounded like Faldo
TWUES17 says:
Someone ripped ass when Tiger was standing on the 18th fairway. Pretty hilarious.
Johnn04 says:
Ya that was hilarious!
Johnn04 says:
I was hoping Letzig could come out firing today.
Kickntrue says:
People wonder why Tiger doesn't play more events... this is a perfect example. He was able to SUCK for a day- and still win the thing with absolutely no pressure whatsoever. Hate to say it- but golf would be bored if this happened weekly. Tiger was obviously bored. He was taking ridiculous chances in the final round with no fear or repercussion just because. He was WORKING on his game during the final round of an event that's how easy it was for him to beat the field on this course.
Pipeliner says:
kickntrue....that is a point ive made to people.....imagine if he played the tour stops where nonames are posting -22...what could he post? it was a "weaker" field but still
jm32 says:
Yeah, that wasn't Feherty.
Ben Crane says:
Better to do it then as opposed to in his backswing
Lerxst says:
Aww they took it down - must have been authentic butt rip. LOL
Banker85 says:
i usually save my fart for my drives, if i release at impact it gives me a couple extra yards!
Lerxst says:
Did anyone catch Furyk losing it cussing and slamming his club at the Buick on SUnday? I freaked out when I saw this. :O I've never seen that guy with that amount of emotion. I cant remember what hole it was, but it was the par four that everyone was going for in one. -freaked me out
komega19 says:
lerxst, No I did not see the Furyk tantrum, but I did hear about it. Funny, how if it were El Tigre, they would be doing a special on PGA crybabies and poor sportsmanship....
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