John Daly Sings
By Kickntrue on 8/14/09
We don't have a category for "Waste-A-Day Songs" but we may have to if John Daly keeps pumping out hits like "Lost Soul." Thank God for Twitter or I would've been late to the Daly song party. How's he have time to record songs while playing in the PGA Championship?

Daly's Twitter
Daly's Song

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Kickntrue says:
Well... he's not going to win a Grammy.. but it's no worse than the other crap you hear at a coffeehouse.
khorton01 says:
He withdrew from the tourney yesterday with a 78. He is a better golfer than singer... hint hint
KenRobbins says:
Hang in there John it'll get better
Swingem says:
Nice rip off of Poison's "every rose has its thorn". I think John has a better future as a singer then a golfer at this point.
Trip says:
I'm rootin' for him, but I love how people with money think they can sing...
kyfrydan says:
For those of you who want more of Johns "musical offerings" then it's all right here....
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